Frank Maguire

Frank Maguire

leadership, management

Frank Maguire is President of Hearth Communications Group, a global consulting firm in the field of marketing and employee/customer relations, based in Westlake Village CA. He is one of corporate America’s most knowledgeable authorities on quality, productivity and communications. As the Senior Vice President of Industrial Relations of Federal Express, Frank is acknowledged as creator of the personnel, communications and employee relations programs that made the company the multi-billion dollar success story of the past two decades. He was a key component on the management team that turned the ‘absolutely positively overnight’ from a hope to a guarantee. He created the corporate culture, which resulted in Federal Express being named “The Top Corporation of the Decade” by Fortune Magazine.

As head of program development at ABC Radio Network, he hired Ted Koppel and Charles Osgood, giving them their first broadcast assignments.

Frank served in the “Executive Office of the President” during the John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson administrations and was one of the five original task force members who created the ‘War on Poverty’. He also helped launch The Special Olympics with Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

As Director of Marketing and Public Relations, he played a key role in the international expansion of American Airlines. As Senior VP of Kentucky Fired Chicken, he worked with Colonel Harland Sanders to launch the fast-food revolution of the 1970’s, during the period when KFC was the fastest growing company on the New York Stock Exchange.

He holds a Doctorate of Business Administration, Honoris Causa, from Johnson & Whales University.

Today he is one of the leading authorities and management communication consultants in the world, recognized globally as a communicator, teacher, and mentor who shares his vast knowledge and experience from the heart. He has obviously been there…done that!

Maguire’s presentations deal with the head and the heart of the enterprise.

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